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We use the most up-to-date, scientific methods when working with dogs.  We believe in allowing dogs to "think it out" and learn to make the best decisions for both of you.

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Positive Reinforcement Training

Club Canine only uses to most up-to-date, scientifically proven training methods.  No shock, prong or choke collars

New Virtual Online Classes!

You don’t need to worry about leaving your home!  Our classes and private sessions are now online to serve you better.  We will walk you through it and make it easy!

Let Your Dog Think It Out

It’s important not to rush things and give your dog a chance to think out what you are asking of him.  It’s our job to teach them to make the correct decision.  Give your dog a chance…watch him think it out.  He may surprise you!

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Or how to change a dog’s bad feeling about something. What is it? Desensitization is the process of changing a dog’s association with an object, animal, or person from something scary to something safe. It works by exposing the dog to the scary thing a little at a...

Anti-Jump Training

Anti-Jump Training

Why dogs jump Dogs jump up to say hello, quite simply. They don’t know how humans prefer to be greeted, and it never occurs to them that they might knock us over or ruin our clothes. Thankfully, consistent anti-jump training can quickly solve the problem for good....

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